Digisynthetic K6

● Patent design of super ECHO reproduces the perfect sound.

● The breakthrough auto equalizer of input volume provides better protection.

● Innovative voice-beautified function leads to easier singing.

● Newly-designed multi echo processing produces the vivid live performance effect.

● 15 band high-precision PEQ of mic and music processing. Convertible PEQ into GEQ makes the modulation much easier.

● Powerful feedback eliminator function, professional feedback eliminating capability.

● Multi surround effect mode leads to colorful singing effect.

● Real 5.1 channel design. It supports 5.1 channel signal input of theater mode.

● Hifi class hardware design and extremely low background noise bring to the refined timber.

● USB, RS232,IR wireless remote control, drive-by-wire, communication.

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SNR ≥95dB
THD 0.001% 20Hz-20kHz
Frequency response 20kHz ±0.5dB
Input sensitivity/impedance 0.775V/47k ohm
Maximum output 8Vpp/60ohm balanced output
Music Bass 100Hz~600Hz (± 12dB, step±0.5dB)
Alto 600Hz~2000Hz (± 12dB, step±0.5dB)
Treble 2k~15k (± 12dB, step±0.5dB)
Part Pitch shift ±7grade, step100cent
Audio input
3 channel stereo input volume -∞-+3dB
potentiometer adjustment
PEQ 5 band freguency30HZ~18KHZ
Gain ±12dB,Q:0.4~15
Delay 21ms,step 21us
Video Input/outpt 3channel video input, 1 channel video output
Input sensitivity/impedance 1Vpp/75 ohm
Output sensitivity/impedance 1Vpp/75 ohm
Subwoofer THD 0.005% 20Hz-250Hz
Frequency Response 20Hz-250Hz ±0.5dB
SNR ≥80dB
THD 0.01% 50Hz-16kHz(effect off)
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz ±0.5dB
Input sensitivity/impedance 100mv-500mv/4.7k ohm
Maximum output 12Vpp
Low 100Hz- 400Hz(±9dB, step±0.5dB)
Microphone Middle to low 400Hz-2kHz(±9dB, step±0.5dB)
part Middle to high 2kHz-4kHz(±9dB, step±0.5dB)
High 4kHz-15kHZ(±9dB, step±0.5dB)
Centre impedance 0.775V/47k ohm
Surround left right 0.775/10k ohm
Five mic input Input gain adjustable
PEQ 15band freguency1000HZ~16KHZ
Gain ±12dB,Q:0.4~15
AV/OK Karaoke and home theatre switchable KTV/AV switchable
PC cortrol interface Rs232 interface USBinterface
Record output PWL adjustable
Power supply AC 90-250V/50Hz
Others Power consumption 10W
Fuse T1AL/250V AC
Weight 7.2kg
Size 482mmx213mmx88mm